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Santos 100 Mid Lady SS/Pink Rubber Pink Eta 2824-2

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He is the brother of Gambino crime family capo Robert A. Lino Jr. and paternal first cousin of Gambino crime family capo Edward Lino, cousin-in-law to Grace Ann Scala-Lino, the sister of Gambino crime family capo Salvatore Scala and father of Colombo crime family http://rolex116523.yolasite.com mob associate Robert X. Lino born August 30, 1966. Grace Ann Lino was a customer of Michael (Mikey Bear) Aiello. Frank was enraged over the incident and arranged for his murder, for which he arranged to witness, but was later botched. He is the father of two sons, one Joseph Lino born c. 1961 who became a made member of the Bonanno crime family and Michael Lino. He is an son-in-law to Genovese crime family mob associates Francis Consalvo and Carmine Consalvo and distant uncle to Louis Consalvo. Frank also is the godfather of Gambino crime family capo Frank Coppa's six children from his previous marriage. He is a first cousin of Bonanno crime family capo Robert Lino Sr. and a paternal uncle of Bonanno crime family capo Robert A. Lino Jr. born July 30, 1966. He is also the godfather to Michael Lino and Frank Coppa Jr. the son of Bonanno crime family capo and childhood friend Frank Coppa Sr.. He is a close friend of the New York Mets pitcher John Franco and avid baseball fan.

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